Pros Venture M-NFT (Coming Soon)

Mint Date TBD
Embark on an epic journey with us! We've created something amazing just for you.
Introducing Pros Venture M-NFT, a one-of-a-kind limited edition M-NFT, minted exclusively for Pros Market Place. With only 50,000 pieces available, it's divided into 6 exciting grades - Common, Strong, Rare, Epic, Muscular and Legendary. The higher the grade, the more thrilling the adventure!
This NFT is your ticket to an exclusive VIP Club, granting you whitelist access to numerous projects in the TRON ecosystem and an abundance of other benefits that are truly unmatched.
The mere existence of Pros Venture NFT is amazing, but as users ourselves, we wanted to take it a step further. We wanted to ensure that our NFT has purpose, value, and practical use. This NFT serves as the key or gateway to an expansive ecosystem, a welcoming community where creativity, education, commerce, and entertainment converge.